You need a wear resistant abrasive for surface treatment?

Strahlamid - Wear resistant abrasive

Strahlamid - Wear resistant abrasive

Main features:

The organic synthetic abrasives on polyamide basis created by us are especially suitable for surface treatment of delicate parts. Applied to full- or semi-automatic blast cabinets, blast plants or deburring plants it can be used for sensitiv treatment of thermoset (Duroplast) mouldings whose surface should not be damaged.

The sharp-edged cylindric granules possess a very long service life.

Strahlamid doesn’t tend to break. This is why our granules remain longer particularly constant than other less elastic abrasives. Because of the low level of mechanical abrasion due to the high elasticity while blasting, a complex cleaning of the shaped part is not necessary afterwards.

The guaranteed dimensional accuracy of our products prevents clamping in holes or cracks of the workpieces.
Elastomers, such as rubber, silicone etc. are usually deburred in embrittled condition. The use of cold impact strength abrasives is necessary here. Strahlamid leaves no residue on the workpiece. This allows a carefull paint removing of workpieces e.g. car parts prior to painting.

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